May 27, 2022

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Dean Lowry putting ‘his stamp on his game’ this…

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Dean Lowry putting ‘his stamp on his game’ this...

Lowry has enjoyed the rapport he’s built with the third-year Rashan Gary this season, as the two often have been partnered together on stunts in the absence of All-Pro pass rusher Za’Darius Smith.

One other thing Lowry feels helped his game is getting a chance to work more on his pass rush in training camp, which in turn, gave him the confidence to dial up his pressures.

Lowry felt like he might have played with a bit “too much power” at the start of the year but has felt dialed in over the past month.

“He’s really starting to be a lot more aggressive and not catching blocks, being more physical, more direct,” defensive line coach Jerry Montgomery said last week. “When he starts to do that, you recognize it. It shows up, and he’s starting to put his stamp on his game right now.”

Lowry is the second-longest tenured player on the Packers’ defense, two days behind his 2016 draft classmate Clark, and fifth on the entire roster, behind Rodgers, kicker Mason Crosby and Cobb (nonconcurrent).

Rodgers has enjoyed his banter with Lowry over the years, particularly inside the locker room. At the beginning of the pandemic, the Packers began alternating the lockers of offensive and defensive players, which is what started the social-media rivalry between Clark and receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

Lowry, positioned a few spots over, takes it all in and observes.

“I love Dean,” Rodgers said. “Dean is an ornery individual. There’s nobody I maybe enjoy kind of ribbing on a daily basis than Dean. And in jest, for sure. But he’s also a really smart guy. I enjoy our philosophical conversations from time to time in the locker room.”

When asked about Rodgers’ use of ornery of describe him, the 27-year-old Lowry just laughs. His goal is to play consistent, physical football, which has gone a long way for Green Bay’s top 10 defense through the first eight games.

“I think that’s beyond my vocabulary off the top of my head,” Lowry joked. “I think it means on-edge and gritty in some ways. I try to play physical and that’s been a big improvement this year. I’ll definitely take it as a compliment from ’12.'”