June 12, 2024

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NFL Football Helmets and Safety

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Riddell’s Revolution “Speed” helmet has taken the football world by storm – and now, the Speed helmet is available as a licensed authentic helmet that the general public can own for themselves. With a distinctive, aggressive shell design, the Speed helmet is being adopted by NFL Players at a furious pace. As a collectible, the NFL Speed Pro Line is available in all 32 NFL teams.

With concussions becoming more and more of a problem in the NFL, the new Speed Pro Line helmet takes advantage of some new innovations by Riddell to help slow the rate of head injuries to athletes. A few of the improvements include extended mandible (jaw area) protection, integrated redesigned specialty facemask attachment system, increased internal padding, and a standard 4 point chinstrap. The elliptical air vents, and team name on the back bumper, are a few of the cosmetic improvements on Riddell’s Revolution series football helmets, which will vault the “SPEED” series into the future, and keep it there for a long time.

Riddell has been in the forefront of player safety since 2002 when they first released the “Revolution” style helmets. The first edition of Revolution helmets helped in the prevention of concussion’s, and Riddell has been making improvements ever since. With several players’ long term health at risk, the NFL has realized the importance of preventing concussions now more than ever. Several studies have been made on the brain functionality of players with multiple concussions, but none more shocking, than the recent suicide of ex-NFL player Dave Duerson. Dave Duerson was an NFL safety and had a productive 10 year career with the Chicago Bears. The years of brutal collisions took their toll on Dave, eventually causing him to take his own life. Duerson actually shot himself in the chest – preserving his brain, and requesting his brain be donated to research the devastating effects of concussions, and what they did to him.

Riddell has stayed in the forefront in technology in today’s ever evolving NFL. Today’s players are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever – this increases the speed of the game, and violence of the collisions. More and more stars are being sidelined by devastating helmet to helmet hits, and scientific studies are showing the long term effects of concussions on players who sustain them. Riddell is the official helmet maker of the NFL, and with this new SPEED version of the NFL helmets, have raised the bar in player safety.A recent university study shows Riddell’s new Speed Revolution helmet as the safest football helmet in production today. The Speed Revolution was the only helmet to receive 5 out of 5 stars.

SPEED helmets are becoming the norm in the NFL, with more and more players taking advantage of the newer, safer, and career extending football helmets, and now they are available as a licensed collectible that can be purchased by the general public! Several online retailers are selling these new helmets. Riddell Speed NFL football helmets would make a great addition to any football fans NFL merchandise collection.